Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter...

Oracle continues on with it's Summer of Love even though it is a time where most everyone is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812 (what a creative name if I do say so myself).  So it was accidentally fitting to feature Canadian band The British-North American Act somewhere in the craziness known as Oracle.  Check out that fun album cover!  Anyway, take a gander at the track listing below and as of July 23rd have a listen to those very songs and rock on.  It's the Summer of love, peace and groovy all begins here:

Oracle 96

Set 1

The Fog-The Amazing-Gentle Stream (2011 Australia)

Eh eh ah ah-Il Balletto Di Bronzo-Sirio 2222 (1970 Italy)

Oranges-Rockfour-Supermarket (2000 Isreal)

Smell of Incense-The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-A Child's Guide to Good and Evil (1968 USA)

That's Just The Thought I Had In Mind-The Ugly Ducklings-Somewhere Outside (1967 CAN)

Corduroy Coat-The British North American Act-In The Beginning (1967 CAN)

Two Sailors' Sons-Tim Davis-Pipe Dream (1972 USA)

Set 2

Drugsick-The Out Crowd-Then I Saw The Holy City (2004 USA)

Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow-Strawberry Alarm Clock-Incense & Peppermints (1967 USA)

Measure-Field Music-Measure (2010 UK)

Fields of People-Ars Nova-S/T (1968 USA)

Sugar In Your Tea-Harumi-S/T (1968 USA)

Kanaan-Amon Duul-Phallus Dei (1969 Germany)

Set 3

I Happen To Love You-The Electric Prunes-Underground (1967 USA)

Gilda-Musica Dispersa-S/T (1970 Spain)

Khyber-Cousins-The Palm at the End of the Mind (2012 CAN)

Grew Up On the Seeds-The Hoa Hoa's-Pop, Drone, Pedals (2010 CAN)

Sluta Folja Efter-Dungen-Ta Det Lugnt (2005 Sweden)

Spin Cycle-Fjord Rowboat-Saved The Compliments For Morning (2007 CAN)

Monday, July 9, 2012

What a Wonderful World...of Psych!'s not live, it's Memorex.  Okay...sorry I have to do this guys but a girls gotta bust out and revel in the beauty known as Northern Ontario.  Spending a little time during my Summer of Love in cottage country.  When you go away, take me with live on the net at:

Hope you enjoy the show...just don't call, nobody will be in studio except maybe the cleaners.  At any rate reading this will give you a sneak peek at what's to come.  You get to see into the future.  How cool is that?  Impress your friends, annoy your enemies.  Once the show has aired you can download it her folks:

Oracle 95

Set 1

Revolution-Tomorrow-S/T (1968 UK)

Orienta-Witthuser & Westrupp-Trips und Traume (1971 Germany)

Flowers Grow Free-Dragonwyck-S/T (1968 UK)

Nice To See You-The Left Banke-The Left Banke Too (1968 USA)

Artificial Energy-The Byrds-The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968 USA)

Desperation-Steppenwolf-S/T (1968 CAN)

Set 2

Ilgaz-Mogollar-Anadolu Pop (1971 Turkey)

Ta Paida Eianni Entaxei-Exadaktylos-Single (1971 Greece)

She's In Black-The Shake-Trippin' The Whole Colourful World (2007 Spain)

Sacred Cows-Bent Wind-Sussex (1969 CAN)

Point Blank-Christmas-Heritage (1970 CAN)

Crimson & Clover-Aguaturbia-Psychedellic Drugstore (1970 Chile)

Set 3

Il Un Vecchio Cieco-Osanna-L'umo (1971 Italy)

Part of Your Nature-The Morning After Girls-Alone (2011 Australia)

Everything That Touches You-The Association-Birthday (1968 USA)

Tomorrow Is Her Name-Saturday's Children-Single (1967 USA)

The Red Telephone-Love-Forever Changes (1967 USA)

Miles of Night-5th Projekt-V (2012 CAN)

The Summer of Love Continues...

We are still in the midst of a fantastic Summer of Love here in Windsor and Detroit and no other show keeps those groovy vibes going more than Oracle.  Have a listen by downloading here:

Don't forget to take CJAM (and Oracle) with you wherever you go this summer.  You can stream live on the website, in Windsor turn to Cogeco digital cable channel 285 or go the old fashioned route and turn your dial to 99.1 fm in the Windsor/Detroit listening area.

Oracle 94

Set 1

Sara Snow-White Fence-S/T (2010 USA)

Friend to You-Oranger-From The Ashes of Electric Elves (2003 USA)

Oceana-April Wine-S/T (1971 CAN)

Andel-Olympic-Single (1969 Czech Republic)

Dream Within a Dream-Spirit-The Family That Plays Together (1968 USA)

Corridors of Blissterday-Pond-Corridors of Blissterday (2009 Australia)

Set 2

A Girl I Knew-Savage Rose-S/T (1968 Denmark)

Saat-Emitidi-Saat (1972 Germany)

Orange Peel-Sopwith Camel-The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon (1973 USA)

Barnen Undrar-Dungen-Skit I Allt (2010 Sweden)

Ta Oneira-Dioskouri-I Gennisi Tou Ellinikou Rock (Greece)

Forty Second River-The Folklords-Release The Sunshine (1969 CAN)

Set 3

Sunday Morning-The Velvet Underground-The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967 USA)

White Composition-Darker My Love-2 (2008 USA)

The Rolling Stones-Cloud Control-Bliss Release (2012 Australia)

Brothers-Woods-Woods/Amps For Christ (2012 USA)

Let The World Wash In-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1969 UK)

Whitsunday Morning Theme-The Whitsundays-S/T (2008 CAN)

Fantasy-The Hoa Hoa's-Sonic Bloom (2009 CAN)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!

At Oracle it was belated Canada Day greetings.  I took a break from providing the usual world psych and folk and all things in between to feature 100% Canadian content.  You never know, you just might discover a new Canadian favourite.  Sit back and enjoy the tunes, download the July 2nd episode here:

Don't forget to sip on a brewskie, sizzle up some back bacon and grab a jelly.  It's time to rock!

Set 1

Open Up The Gates-The High Dials-Moon Country (2008)

Aujourd Hui Je Dis Bonjour a la Vie-Harmonium-S/T (1974)

Strange Love (Don't Be Lazy)-Brent Randall & His Magnificent Pinecones-We Were Strangers In Paddington Green (2009)

Copper Penny-The Paupers-Ellis Island (1968)

See How Free-The British North American Act-In The Beginning (1968)

Mud Island-Ocean-Give Tomorrow's Children One More Chance (1972)

Set 2

She Says-49th Parallel-S/T (1969)

Think About the Times-Kensington Market-Aardvark (1969)

She Looks Good-The Telepathic Butterflies-Breakfast In Suburbia (2008)

Southern Hemisphere Blues-Reign Ghost-S/T (1969)

That's Just  the Thought I Had In Mind-The Ugly Ducklings-Somewhere Outside (1967)

Don't You Know-Elephant Stone-Seven Seas (2010)

Set 3

The Fat Angel-The Orange Alabaster Mushroom-From a Garden to a Flower: A Tribute to Donovan (2008)

Oceana-April Wine-S/T (1971)

Blonde Hash-Chad VanGaalen-Diaper Island (2011)

Sweet Lullabye-Lighthouse-One Fine Morning (1971)

Free From The City-The Poppy Family-Which Way You Goin' Billy? (1969)

No Satisfaction-Black Mountain-S/T (2005)