Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More New Music Releases...

This Fall is going to be an expensive one for your dear host...

...All these great new releases are going to crush my wallet!

The beautiful, lush vocals of  The Wilderness of Manitoba have always been a draw for me.  They have a very special place in the Oracle rotation.  Seeing them live is breathtaking...unfortunately they haven't been around locally in quite some time.  They have been tearing it up on a European tour.  I'm so glad that the world is catching on to their beautiful song.  Please check out this link for info on their upcoming album "Island of Echoes" http://www.thewildernessofmanitoba.com/new-album-island-of-echoes-uk-netherlands-summer-tour-2012/

Rest assured, if I can get my hands on a new single by them it will definitely be featured on Oracle.  Can't wait!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oracle 101 plays exclusive new single from Tame Impala!!

As many Oracle listeners are well aware that besides Dungen there is another neo-psychedelic outfit that is near and dear to the hosts heart.  That is of course Tame Impala from Australia.  They really know their psych down under.  Anyway I was overjoyed to stumble upon their single Apocalypse Dreams on itunes.  I gave it a spin and it really rocked!  Check it out:  http://www.tameimpala.com/

Get "Schooled" In All Thing Psychedelic...

It's Oracle 101!!!

It was a great morning with the exception that I needed a coffee at my side.  Can't wait until school is back in session and the coffee kiosk named after a certain legendary hockey player is open for business again.  Whatever drink you have in hand will go nicely with this weeks episode.  Click and have a listen here: http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/  Cheers!!

Set 1

Patchouli In The Wind-Strawberry Jam-S. Essex St. (2009 CAN)
Technicolor-Os Mutantes-Technicolor (1970 Chile)
QE2-Black Cat Bones-QE2 Various Artists (1969 UK)
Giv Slip-Baby Woodrose-Spids Nogenhat: En Maeklig Kop Te (2001 Denmark)
Little Boys For Little Girls-A Passing Fancy-S/T (1968 CAN)
Apocalypse Dreams-Tame Impala-Lonerism (2012 Australia)***

Set 2

Need Someone-Morning Glory-Two Suns Worth (1968 USA)
Gyongyhaju Iany-Omega-10,000 Lepes (1969 Hungary)
Friday I'm Free-Group 1850-Paradise Now (1969 Netherlands)
Here She Comes Now-The Velvet Underground-White Light White Heat (1968 USA)
Rose (Set In Plastic)-Fifty Foot Hose-Cauldron (1967 USA)
Unutamiyoram-Baris Manco-Daglar Daglar (1970 Turkey)

Set 3

Talking To You-The Savage Resurrection-S/T (1968 USA)
At Night-The Black Angels-Phosgene Nightmare EP (2011 USA)
Tombstone Shadow-CCR-Green River (1969 USA)
Schlusselblume-Witthuser & Westrupp-Bauer Path (1972 Germany)
Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar Sig-Dungen-Tio Bitar (2007 Sweden)
Who Knows Who Knows-Sunny Pompeii-Breakfast of Champignons (2012 CAN)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oracle 100!!

Time flies when you're having fun.  Oracle's 100th episode has already arrived...

Oracle 100 was a trippy success.  Today was an all out free-form freak out as we explored the more avant-garde and humorous tracks in the Oracle collection.  Click here and download and check it out for yourself:  http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/

Oracle 100

Set 1

India Minor-Butterflies & Zebras-S/T (2010 CAN)
Free Form Freakout-The Red Crayola-The Parable of the Arable Land (1967 USA)
Let There Be More Light-Pink Floyd-A Saucer Full of Secrets (1968 UK)
Wild Flowers-The Holy Mackerel-S/T (1968 USA)
Ett Skal Att Trivas-Dungen-Tio Bitar (2007 Sweden)
Trust Us (Take 9)-Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band-Safe As Milk (1968 USA)
Half a Mind-Holy Modal Rounders-The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders (1968 USA)

Set 2

Senti l'Estate Che Torna-Le Orme-Ad Gloriam (1969 Italy)
Hippie From Olema No. 5-Youngbloods-Good & Dusty (1971 USA)
Help I'm a Rock-The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Part 1 (1967 USA)
High-Volker Kuhn & Roland Schneider feat. speeches by Karl Schiller-The In Kraut Vol. 1 (1971 Germany)
Rain of Earth-Bruce Haack-Farad: The Electric Voice (2010 USA) original rec. unknown date
Panis et Circenses-Os Mutantes-S/T (1968 Brazil)

Set 3

The Daily Planet-Love-Forever Changes (1967 USA)
Give Yourself a Ride-The British North American Act-In The Beginning (1968 CAN)
Southern Hemisphere Blues Legacy-Reign Ghost-S/T (1969 CAN)
Who Needs The Peace Corps?-Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention-We're Only In It For The Money (1968 USA)
Lady Blue-Et Cetera-S/T (1971 Germany)
Balloon Burning-Pretty Things-S.F Sorrow (1968 UK)
Citizen Freak-49th Parallel-S/T (1969 CAN)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Countdown..it's Oracle 99 today!

Well folks, pretty amazing so far...Oracle 99.  This is coming from the girl who feared that she wouldn't have anything to offer that was unique enough to have staying power on the airwaves.  I stand corrected.  Oracle has been going full steam ahead for nearly two years with only two absences!  Oracle 99 was a little off kilter as I am more excited for the big 100 and was sort of "phoning it in" today.  I seem to have been caught in a rut in the time machine..note all the 1968 releases played.  Check out the track listing below and be sure to have a listen by downloading here:  http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/

Oracle 99

Set 1

Mystic Morning-Beacon Street Union-The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union (1968 USA)

Keep Your Mind Open-Kaleidoscope-Side Trips (1967 USA)

Vorrei Comprare una Strada-New Trolls-Senza Orario Senza Bandiera (1968 Italy)

Flowers Grow Free-Dragonwyck-S/T (1968 USA)

Spread Out-A Passing Fancy-S/T (1968 CAN)

There's a Woman-Sapphire Thinkers-From Within (1969 USA)

I Got a Line on You-Spirit-The Family That Plays Together (1969 USA)

Set 2

More or Less Nothing-Richard Twice-S/T (1970 USA)

Take It Slowly-Steel River-A Better Road (1970 CAN)

Zlaty Dul-The Matadors-S/T (1968 Poland)

Snad Jednou Ti Dam-The Matadors-S/T (1968 Poland)

The Sounds-Ten Years After-Single (1968 UK)

Dino's Song-Quicksilver Messenger Service-S/T (1968 USA)

Set 3

Something's Different-Shintaro Sakamoto-How To Live With a Phantom (2012 Japan)

Prvni Radky-Hana & Petr Ulrychovi-13 HP (1971 Czech Rep.)

Hot Smoke & Sassafrass-Bubble Puppy-A Gathering of Promises (1969 USA)

She's Ready to be Free-Clear Light-S/T (1967 USA)

By The Sea-The Essex Green-The Long Goodbye (2003 USA)

Aujourd'hui Je dis Bonjour a la Vie-Harmonium-S/T (1974 CAN)

I Talk To The Wind-King Crimson-In The Court of the Crimson King (1969 UK)

You Don't Notice The Time You Waste-It's All Meat-S/T (1970 CAN)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer of Love Psychedelico among others...

Yes indeed, the Summer of Love is still raging on here at Oracle.  This morning was especially full of world content.  Oracle took a trip to such places as Japan, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece & Sweden as well as the usual stops in the UK, U.S & Canada.  Oracle brings the whole psychedelic world to the Windsor/Detroit area.

Summer is winding down.  It's that glass half full or half empty time.  Whatever the case may be for you nothing helps you cure a case of the Mondays more than tuning in to Oracle.  With that in mind, if you missed it live click on the link and download today:  http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/

Now on to the track listing for today's episode:

Oracle 98

Set 1

Grass-The Essex Green-Everything Is Green (1999 USA)
The Feathered Tiger-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1969 UK)
A Dropping of a Pin-The Guess Who-Canned Wheat (1969 CAN)
Cierna Ruza-Pavol Hammel & Prudy-S/T (1970 Slovakia)
We Know-Life On Earth!-A Space Water Loop (2009 Sweden)
Hadaka no Osama-Love Psychedelico-Love Psychedelico III (2004 Japan)
13 HP-Hana & Petr Ulrychovi-13 HP (1970 Czech Rep)

Set 2

Bryant Hotel-The Left Banke-The Left Banke Too (1968 USA)
In Vecchio Cieco-Osanna-L'uomo (1971 Italy)
Sleepwalking Through The Mekong-Dengue Fever-Escape From Dragon House (2005 USA)
Pyretos 42-Peloma Bokiou-Single (1970 Greece)
So Long, Marianne-Leonard Cohen-Songs of Leonard Cohen (1969 CAN)

Set 3

Sock It My Way-The Animated Egg-S/T (1967 USA)
Your Head Is Reeling-Ultimate Spinach-S/T (1967 USA)
I Would Be The One-Kensington Market-Avenue Road (1968 CAN)
Face In The Clouds-Family-Family Entertainment (1969 USA)
Fool On The Hill (Beatle's Cover)-Bjork-S/T (1977 Iceland)
Be a Friend-The Others-Everything's There! (1997 UK)
I Want It All-The Whitsundays-S/T (2008 CAN)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lazy, Hazy Daze...

It's me again...and I must say this Summer is going by so fast!  What a rush!  Hope everyone is enjoying their very own Summer of love, Oracle style.  On Monday I laid down some very cool and obscure tracks along with stuff not so obscure but equally cool and trippy.  Overall it was a pretty good show that's worth a listen.  If you haven't done so yet, click the link to download today.  http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/test-program-guid/

Oracle 97

Set 1

She's a Rainbow-Rolling Stones-Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967 UK)
Roller Coaster-13th Floor Elevators-The Psychedelic Sounds Of...(1966 USA)
Crimson & Clover-Aguaturbia-Psychedelic Drugstore (1970 Chile)
Desperation-Steppenwolf-S/T (1968 CAN/USA)
The Sympathetic Sort-Telepathic Butterflies-Wow & Flutter (2009 CAN)

Set 2

Bluebirds-The Wilderness of Manitoba-Hymns of Love & Spirits (2012 CAN)
Gloria-Hana Ulrychova & Petr Ulrych-13 HP (1971 Czech Rep.)
Rainy Day, Dream Away-The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland (1968 USA)
Svart Ar Himlen-Dungen-Tio Bitar (2005 Sweden)
Strawberry Rain-Ellison-Single (CAN)

Set 3

Piekno-Breakout-70A (1970 Poland)
Summertime-Janis Joplin w/Big Brother & The Holding Company-Live at Winterland '68 (1968 USA)
Beginning To See The Light-The Velvet Underground-S/T (1969 USA)
Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)-Hombres-Single (1967 USA)
The World Goes By So Slowly-Capitol 6-S/T EP (2012 CAN)