Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Canada Day!!

At Oracle it was belated Canada Day greetings.  I took a break from providing the usual world psych and folk and all things in between to feature 100% Canadian content.  You never know, you just might discover a new Canadian favourite.  Sit back and enjoy the tunes, download the July 2nd episode here:

Don't forget to sip on a brewskie, sizzle up some back bacon and grab a jelly.  It's time to rock!

Set 1

Open Up The Gates-The High Dials-Moon Country (2008)

Aujourd Hui Je Dis Bonjour a la Vie-Harmonium-S/T (1974)

Strange Love (Don't Be Lazy)-Brent Randall & His Magnificent Pinecones-We Were Strangers In Paddington Green (2009)

Copper Penny-The Paupers-Ellis Island (1968)

See How Free-The British North American Act-In The Beginning (1968)

Mud Island-Ocean-Give Tomorrow's Children One More Chance (1972)

Set 2

She Says-49th Parallel-S/T (1969)

Think About the Times-Kensington Market-Aardvark (1969)

She Looks Good-The Telepathic Butterflies-Breakfast In Suburbia (2008)

Southern Hemisphere Blues-Reign Ghost-S/T (1969)

That's Just  the Thought I Had In Mind-The Ugly Ducklings-Somewhere Outside (1967)

Don't You Know-Elephant Stone-Seven Seas (2010)

Set 3

The Fat Angel-The Orange Alabaster Mushroom-From a Garden to a Flower: A Tribute to Donovan (2008)

Oceana-April Wine-S/T (1971)

Blonde Hash-Chad VanGaalen-Diaper Island (2011)

Sweet Lullabye-Lighthouse-One Fine Morning (1971)

Free From The City-The Poppy Family-Which Way You Goin' Billy? (1969)

No Satisfaction-Black Mountain-S/T (2005)

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