Monday, March 25, 2013

I See a Light...

Is it Spring yet?  That's the question you may be asking yourself here in the Windsor/Detroit area as we awoke to a fresh blanket of snow.  Have no fear!  It's always Spring and Summer like on Oracle.  Spend some time listening to Oracle and escape the ordinary for at least an hour and a half of your life.  Download today's episode here: ...and now for the all important play list...

Oracle 130

Set 1

I See a Light-Morning Glory-Two Suns Worth (1968 USA)
Poem-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1969 UK)
Green Fields and Rain-The June-S/T (2010 Italy)
Mozno-Prudy-Zvonte, Zvonky (1968 Czech Rep.)
Samantha's Mine-Spectrum-Single (1967 UK)
Sunshine Girl-The Parade-S/T (1968 USA)
Watching The Moon-Jacco Gardner-Cabinet of Curiosities (2013 Netherlands)

Set 2

Choose to Choose-The Black Angels-Phosgene Nightmare (2010 USA)
Allt Pa Denna Runda Jord-Mats Glenngard-Kosterlage (1972 Sweden)
Christine-JK & Co.-Suddenly One Summer (1969 Canada)
I See You-Ian Skelly-Cut From a Star (2013 UK)
Har I Set-Fleur de Lis-Facing Morning (1971 Denmark)
She Touched The Sky-The Asteroid #4-These Flowers of Ours...(2008 USA)
The Sacred Sound-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)

Oh No 2-Foxygen-We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (2013 USA)
See Saw-Pink Floyd-A Saucerful of Secrets (1969 UK)
Szukam Tamtej Wiosny-Czerwone Gitary-Czerwone Gitary 3 (1968 Poland)
Call on Me-Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band-Safe As Milk (1967 USA)
Mind's Eye-The Myrrors-Burning Circles In The Sky (2008 USA)
My Lady Lies Forever-The Medium-S/T (1969 Canada)
The Fat Angel-The Orange Alabaster Mushroom-A Gift From a Flower to a Garden: A Tribute to Donovan (2008 Canada)

You Don't Want To Miss This...

Come out to the 2013 CJAM Jammy Award Ceremony!

Everyone is invited.

Where:  FM Lounge, 157 Chatham St. W, Windsor, Ontario
When:  Saturday, April 13th at 8:00

Details:  It's free!  Doors open at 8:00.  Award ceremony is at 9:00.  Music by DJ ME at 10:00.  Live band Cellos performs at 11:00.  

Get your drink on and party with the CJAM crew!

I'd love to see you there.  Save the date!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sign On My Mind...

Today's Oracle explored a softer side of psyche...there was more psych infused folk and sunshine pop in the bunch.  Here's hoping it was the just the right thing to ease your possible hangover...I swear it seemed everyone was out in full force at the bars last night.  Oracle was there to sooth your weary head.  Drape it in magical colours of beautiful music.  Oh yeah...that's the stuff.  Check out today's show by clicking here:

Check out the track listing below...

Oracle 129

Set 1

Sunshine & You-Arch of Triumph-Single (1969 USA)
The Paisley Window Pane-Wendy & Bonnie-Genesis (1969 USA)
Sign On My Mind-Dr. Strangely Strange-Heavy Petting (1970 UK)
Maanendam-The Unquiet Dead-Tales of the Unquiet Dead Book One (2012 Canada)
Lit Eg Born Ad Leika Ser-Trubrot-S/T (1969 Iceland)
In a Rainbow-Sweetwater-S/T (1969 USA)

Set 2

The Machine That Cried-String Driven Thing-The Machine That Cried (1973 UK)
Lipsill-Dungen-Ta Det Lugnt (2005 Sweden)
Mesafeler-Erkin Koray-S/T (1969 Turkey)
Aska Inanmiyorum-Erkin Koray-S/T (1969 Turkey)
Nobody-J.K & Co.-Suddenly One Summer (1969 Canada)
Look, Here Comes The Sun-The Sunshine Company-S/T (1968 USA)

Set 3

Psychedelic-Johnny Hallyday-Single (1969 France)
Requiem of Confusion-Shinki Chen-S/T (1970 Japan)
Doves-Black Angels-Directions To See a Ghost (2008 USA)
Speak Your Mind-The Works-S/T (2005 Sweden)
Astral Plane-Influenza-S/T (1970 Netherlands)
The Aural Sea/Southern Winds-The Wilderness of Manitoba-Island of Echoes (2013 Canada)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Turn My Life Down But Turn Up Oracle...

Welcome's another glorious day in the realm of Oracle.  It is indeed the most psychedelic spot on the FM dial...hosted by yours truly who has now been dubbed by one listener as "The Rose City Queen of Psychedelia"...too funny.  Hope the name sticks.  In the meantime I'll just keep plugging along humbly.  Today's show was a beaut with a healthy dose of old and new psych for your listening pleasure.  Download the show here:

Peace, love and the pursuit of great music...that's Oracle for ya.

Oracle 128

Set 1

The Perfect Spot-Life On Earth!-The Perfect Spot EP (2011 Sweden)
Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind-Tame Impala-Innerspeaker (2010 Australia)
Evil Things-The Black Angels-Indigo Meadow (TBR April 2013, USA)
Fathermother-Spider 72-Seven (2013 UK)
Pain of My Misfortune-The Moving Finger-Single (1968 UK)
Szukam Tamtej Wiosny-Czerwone Gitary-Czerwone Gitary 3 (1968 Poland)
Silky-Les Baroques-S/T (1966 Netherlands)
Maryjane-My Indole Ring-S/T (1968? Canada)

Set 2

I Need You-Chris & Craig-Single (1966 USA)
Turn My Life Down-Jefferson Airplane-Volunteers (1969 USA)
Ta Paida Eiani Entaxei-Exadaktylos-Single (1968 Greece)
Can't Live Without You-Riverson-S/T (1972 Canada)
Song For Wild-Mark Fry-Dreaming With Alice (1972 UK)
Solens Van-Resan-S/T (1972 Sweden)

Set 3

Real Live Permanent Dream-The Orange Machine-Single (1968 USA)
Watching The Moon-Jacco Gardner-Cabinet of Curiosity (2013 Netherlands)
Dreamer's Lullaby-Facedancers-S/T (1972 USA)
Victory Garden-The Red Krayola-God Bless The Red Krayola and All Who Sail With Her (1968 USA)
Fly-JK & Co.-Suddenly One Summer (1968 Canada)
Balloon Song-Fresh Maggots-S/T (1971 UK)
Norwegian Wood-Cornershop-When I Was Born For the Seventh Time (1996 UK)
Setting Sun-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)

In one of those sunny moods again...

It's a happy day and Oracle brings you tidings of peace and love.

Check out the little video below and put some sunshine back in your day...

Now that I have your attention, I must announce that it is time once again to vote for your favourite shows on CJAM.  

The 2013 Jammy Awards are fast approaching and the time is now to vote.  Oracle is in for some steep competition this year folks.  There are not as many categories as in years past...I'm crossing my fingers I'll at least get a lovely honourable mention.  Cast your vote here:  I'll be posting info on the awards ceremony that will follow.  Everyone is invited to attend.  It's free and fun.  Nobody puts on a party quite like a CJAM party!

Now go out and seize the day friends!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Svensk Music Interview w/Gustav Ejstes...

Well, prowling YouTube has proved fruitful tonight as I stumbled upon this amazing interview by Svensk Music.  Check out the video post below and hear for yourself how Gustav Ejstes of Dungen feels about his craft.  What inspires him.  What of psychedelic music?  Who and what influences him?  A must watch for fans of the psychedelic genre and of Dungen.  He really makes me smile...

Well now that I'm in a Dungen sort of begs the question...when will another album be released?  I sincerely hope soon.  I believe the last album was in 2010.  Feels like an eternity!

Jammy Awards Coming Soon

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrating Women Who Rock!

Oracle forged ahead of the pack and was the first show of the week to observe International Woman's Day. This day falls on March 8th officially but why wait when there's so much great women of psych to pay tribute to?  Today's show had a lot of energy...well at least until the last set where I got a little folky but it was quite the ride and I truly hope you derive as much pleasure listening to it as I had piecing it together for you.

I couldn't help sing along to all the tunes...even the foreign language ones to some extent.  So if you haven't heard the show yet, I invite you to click the link here to download in hopes you too will sing along and dance in your seat.

Thanks for all the inspiration friends.  Cheers to another fine week ahead.  Peace!

Oracle 127

Set 1

A Girl I Knew-Savage Rose-S/T (1968 Denmark)
There's No Blood In Bone-The Poppy Family-Which Way You Goin' Billy? (1969 Canada)
Mesicni Sonata-Hana & Petr Ulrychovi-13HP (1971 Czech Rep.)
I Wonder Who-Aguaturbia-Psychedelic Drugstore (1970 Chile)
The Winter Is Cold-Wendy & Bonnie-Genesis (1969 USA)
My Crystal Spider-Sweetwater-S/T (1968 USA)
Poweidzielismy Juz Wszystko-Breakout-Na Drugim Brzegu Teczy (1969 Poland)
Summertime-Janis Joplin w/Big Brother & The Holding Company-Live at Wintergarde '68 (1968 USA)

Set 2

Halah-Mazzy Star-She Hangs Brightly (1990 USA)
Femme Fatale-The Velvet Underground & Nico-S/T (1967 USA)
Rainy Day-Susan Christie-Paint a Lady (rec. 1970 rel. 2006 USA)
Pioggia Sottile-Circus 2000-S/T (1970 Italy)
Rose (Set in Plastic)-Fifty Foot Hose-Cauldron (1967 USA)
Eskimo Blue Day-Jefferson Airplane-Volunteers (1969 USA)

Set 3

O Relogio-Os Mutantes-S/T (1969 Brazil)
And I Was Blue-Sunforest-Sound of Sunforest (1969 UK)
Can't Live Without You-Riverson-S/T (1973 Canada)
Winter Winds-Fotheringay-S/T (1969 UK)
Give Me a Smile-Sibylle Baier-Colour Green (early 70's rec, rel. 2006 USA)
Little Green-Joni Mitchell-Blue (1971 Canada)
Here Before-Vashti Bunyan-Lookaftering (2005 UK)
Where Are You-Julie Doiron-So Many Days (2013 Canada)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun Video Post Time...

Check out this highly entertaining...and shall I say, informative video that will be on view for all at the 2013 Sundance Film is also available exclusively on YouTube...

No further intro is needed, just click the link and enjoy!

Many thanks to long time listener Gill for sharing.