Monday, September 10, 2012

Yep! It's Monday all right...

Yours truly gets a case of the Mondays too.  Lucky we're all in it together and we carry on.  Good vibes and great times are the order of the day.  Psychedelic tunes to bliss out to.  Forget your cares.  Tune in by clicking here: Look below for today's track listing...

Oracle 103

Set 1

The Sun (Fred Cherry Eclipse)-Tame Impala-S/T EP (2008 Australia)
Gloria-Hana & Petr Ulrychovi-13HP (1971 Czech Republic)
This Thing About You-Miracle Fortress-Five Roses (2007 Canada)
Shades of Grey-Andwella's Dream-Love & Poetry (1969 UK)
Difference of Opinion-The Montanas-Single (1968 UK)
The Promise-Rhythm Kings-Maafkanich Beta (1970 Indonesia)
Jove Was at Home-Dr. Strangely Strange-Heavy Petting (1970 UK)

Set 2

Stoned Is-Listening-S/T (1968 USA)
Requiem of Confusion-Shinki Chen-S/T (1970 Japan)
Call My Name-The Others-Everything's There! (2010 Italy)
Oh That She Might-The Paupers-Ellis Island (1968 Canada)
Camilla Is Changing-Chamaeleon Church-S/T (1968 USA)

Set 3

Go East Young Man/Beautiful Pink Eyes-Troyka-S/T (1970 Canada)
Black Fjord-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1969 UK)
Pictures of Matchstick Men-Status Quo-The Technicolour Dreams of (USA)
Zapomniany Mlyn-Skaldowie-Single (1968 Poland)
Michaelangelo-23rd Turn Off-Single (1967 UK)
The Sounds-Ten Years After-Single (1967 UK)
We'll Love Like Before-The Folklords-Release The Sunshine (1968 Canada)

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