Monday, February 11, 2013

To Bend Beyond...

Here is the de-lovely play list for today's show...
Check out the broadcast here:

Today's Oracle was quite blooper filled but the music selections were sweet indeed.  Check out the list below and see if there is anything there that intrigues, tickles your fancy and what-have-you....

Presenting Oracle 124

Set 1

Music-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1968 UK)
Bend Beyond-Woods-Bend Beyond (2012 USA)
Looking Thru Baby Blue-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)
Night of the Hunter-Soft Hearted Scientists-False Lights (2013 UK)
Pod So Mnou-Prudy-Zvonte, Zvonky (1968 Czech Rep)
Can You Hear The Bells?-High Dials-A New Devotion (2003 Canada)
Jumpin' Jack Flash-Ananda Shankar-S/T (1970 India)

Set 2

Satisfyin' Sunday-The Underground-Single (1966 USA)
Stratofoam-Colour Haze-Tempel (2006 Germany)
Don't Play With Guns-Black Angels-Indigo Meadow (TBR in April) (2013 USA)
The Serpentine-Dee Dee Dums-Single (2007 Australia)
Under The Rainbow-The End-Introspection (1969 UK)

Set 3

Hate-Bent Wind-Sussex (1969 Canada)
Raining-Paper Garden-The Paper Garden Presents (1968 USA)
House of Four Doors-The Moody Blues-In Search of the Lost Chord (1968 UK)
Virgil-Beaulieu Porch-S/T (2013 UK)
Primrose-The Essex Green-Everything Is Green (1999 USA)
Nickel and a Dime-Ian Skelly-Cut From a Star (2012 UK)
Hungry All The Time-Easy Targets-Pop Psych In Toronto Comp. (2008 Canada)

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