Monday, June 3, 2013

To All The Lovely Ladies...

Well I was feeling in a rut and there is no better cure than to concoct a theme show.  Oracle pays tribute to lovely women everywhere.  Today's show featured songs that had names of females in the title.  There was so much music to go through and not merely enough time to present the bulk of it.  It stands to reason since women are historically the inspiration behind many a great song.  Check out the episode here:  Follow along with the track listing below.  Anything that I missed?  Make a request in the comments section or join Oracle on Facebook here:

Enjoy what the week has to offer...peace!

Oracle 140

Set 1

Sally Go Round The Sun-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)
Sara Snow-White Fence-S/T (2010 USA)
Julia-The Essex Green-The Long Goodbye (2003 USA)
Melanie's Melody-The Black Angels-Phosgene Nightmare (2011 USA)
Lily-Woods-Bend Beyond (2012 USA)
Nada-Juan y Junior-S/T (1968 Spain)
Camilla Is Changing-Chamaeleon Church-S/T (1968 USA)
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand-The Who-Sell Out (1967 UK)

Set 2

Monica-The Kinks-Are The Village Green Preservation Society (1968 UK)
Desiree-The Left Banke-The Left Banke Too (1968 USA)
Blue Bonnie Blue-49th Parallel-S/T (1969 Canada)
Emma-Ponctuation-27 Club (2013 Canada)
Ardmore Jenny-The Pinecones-Sage (2010 Canada)
Sandy-Allah Las-S/T (2012 USA)
Gloria-Hana & Petr Ulrychovi-13HP (1971 Czech Rep.)
St. Marie-The High Dials-A New Devotion (2003 Canada)

Set 3

Celeste-Screen Prints-A Gift From a Garden to a Flower: A Donovan Tribute (2002 UK)
Charlotte Rose-Majority One-S/T (1968 UK
Elizabeth Jade-Robyn Hitchcock-Jewels For Sophia (1999 UK)
(Love Song) For Annie-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1969 UK)
Jennie Lee-Frost-S/T (1969 USA)
Loralee-The Whitsundays-S/T (2008 Canada)
MaryJane-My Indole Ring-S/T (1969 Canada)
Sara-Chad VanGaalen-Diaper Island (2011 Canada)

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