Monday, July 15, 2013

Open Up The Gates...

The Summer of Love is racing along here on Oracle.  Plenty of aural delights and candy for those who drop by and visit the CJAM studios.  We're of course located in the basement of the C.A.W Centre on the University of Windsor campus.

Oracle is all about good vibes to put you in the right frame of mind for your week ahead.  Today was no exception.  Drawing on the talents of the psychedelic minded from all over the globe from 1966 until today.  Oracle plays it all.  Won't you join me?  Download today's episode here:

Oracle 146

Set 1

Ethel Tripped a Mean Gloss-The Orange Alabaster Mushroom-Space & Time: A Compendium of The Orange Alabaster Mushroom (2001 Canada)
Symbols & Maps-Circulatory System-S/T (2001 USA)
My Friend-The Dolly Rocker Movement-A Purple Journey Into The Mod Machine (2006 Australia)
Flashlight-The Amazing-Gentle Stream (2012 Sweden)
La Balsa-Los Gatos-S/T (1967 Argentina)
Call On Me-Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band-Safe As Milk (1967 USA)
Open Up The Gates-The High Dials-Moon Country (2008 Canada)

Set 2

Song For Wilde-Mark Fry-Dreaming With Alice (1972 UK)
All Your Ambition-Saffron-Electric Psychedelic Headswirlers Compilation (2011 USA)
The Lady of The Burning Green Jade-Dick St. John-Single (1967 USA)
On a Quiet Night-The Oscar Bicycle-Single (1968 UK)
Rozsafak-Omega-Trombitas Fredi es a Rettentetes Emberek (1968 Hungary)
Worried About You-Northern Lights-Vancouver Dreaming (1973 Canada)

Set 3

The Specter-Besnard Lakes-Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO (2013 Canada)
Spiritual Weapon-The Auras-Pop, Psych From Toronto (2010 Canada)
Before Questions Became-The Watchmakers-The Mojo Sessions (2012 UK)
Butterfly High-Paper Fortress-Single (1968 USA)
Pinch of Chalk-Saffron Sect-Pop, Psych From Toronto (2010 Canada)

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