Monday, August 19, 2013

Follow Your Way...

Oracle 150 (original air date, August 12, 2013)

Set 1

Visions of Paradise-Moody Blues-In Search of The Lost Chord (1968 UK)
Follow Your Way-The Holydrug Couple-Nocturary (2013 Chile)
Open Up The Gates-The High Dials-Moon Country (2008 Canada)
Deer-Ree-Shee The Black Angels-Directions To See a Ghost (2008 USA)
Lemming Circle Dance-The Sufis-S/T (2012 USA)
Be All Easy-Woods-Sun & Shade (2011 USA)

Set 2

Summer Lover-Life On Earth!-The Perfect Spot EP (2012 Sweden)
Summer Fires-The Wilderness of Manitoba-When You Left The Fire (2010 Canada)
Sunshine & You-Arch of Triumph-Single (1969 USA)
I Think I'll Just Go and Find Me a Flower-Moorpark Intersection-Single (1968 USA)
Shifting Sands-West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Part One (1967 USA)
Half Full Glass of Wine-Tame Impala-S/T EP (2008 Australia)

Set 3

Poszablym Za Toba-Breakout-Na Drugim Brzegu Teczy (1969 Poland)
Pictures In My Mind-The Churchills-S/T (1968 Isreal)
Sacred Cows-Bent Wind-Sussex (1969 Canada)
Messages-Maston-Shadows (2013 USA)
Pond-Giant Tortoise-Hobo Rocket (2013 Australia)
Setting Sun-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)

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