Monday, October 28, 2013

Fire By The River...

Oracle 157

Set 1

Where Will You Go?-Jacco Gardner-Cabinet of Curiosities (2013 Netherlands)
The End of August-Jacco Gardner-Single (2013 Netherlands)
Fantasy-Fifty Foot Hose-Cauldron (1967 USA)
Yellow Book-The Paper Head-Focus In On The Looking Glass (2011 USA)
Masters of War-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)
Io, la Strega-Circus 2000-S/T (1970 Italy)
Kensington Hill-Shadow Folk-Seagull Visions EP (2013 Canada)

Set 2

Poem (Mono Version)-Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (1967 UK)
Worried About You-Northern Lights-Vancouver Dreams (1973 Canada)
How Pleasant-The High Windows-S/T (1967 Isreal)
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow-Saffron Sect-Single (2010 Canada)
Sell Me a Coat-David Bowie-S/T (1967 UK)

Set 3

Love 80-Beaulieau Porch-S/T (2013 UK)
Je Suis la Montagne-Moodoid-S/T EP (2013 France)
Dragonfly-Dead Meadow-S/T (2006 USA)
Sacrifice of The Moon-Ultimate Spinach-S/T (1967 USA)
Before Questions Became-The Watchmakers-The Mojo Sessions (2013 UK)
Fountains of Fire-West of the Sun-Fountains of Fire EP (2013 UK)
Sally's Hymn-Jarvis Street Revue-Mr. Oil Man (1970 Canada)

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