Thursday, November 14, 2013

Misty Psychedelic Dreams...

Welcome friends to Oracle episode 160.  Last week's edition of Oracle was not blogged due to the CJAM annual pledge drive.  Yes, I did put on a show but it was mostly talk.  Pledge drives are fun yet quite draining.  This week I decided to come down from the pledge drive high and give you something that was still groovy and upbeat yet a whole lot softer.  Psychedelic folk (acid folk) was the name of the game.  A way to sooth the savage beast, also good considering the show also fell on what is known in Canada as Remembrance Day.

Download and listen here:

Oracle 160

Set 1

Slow Down a Little-Northern Lights-Vancouver Dreaming (1973 Canada)
Feel The Spirit-Heaven & Earth-Refuge (1973 USA)
Maryanne-Elizabeth-S/T (1968 USA)
Visions of Paradise-The Moody Blues-In Search of the Lost Chord (1968 UK)
Sma Latta Moln-Pugh Rogefeldt-Ja, Da a Da (1969 Sweden)
Lady Next Door-Sunforest-S/T (1969 UK)

Set 2

Orange Float Petals-My Indole Ring-S/T (1968 Canada)
Slowly But Surely-Grand Union-Single (1968 UK)
Thyme-MMOSS-i (2011 USA)
Marshmallow Fluff-The Orange Drop-Catharsis (2011 USA)
All Your Ambition-Saffron-Single (1972 UK)
Cuatro Estaciones-Nuevos Horizontes-Single (1968 Spain)

Set 3

Liberation-Sun Stone Revolvers-Spaceship X (2013 Canada)
Dear Nellie Goodrich-Kaleidoscope-Tangerine Dream (1967 UK)
Dark Is The Bark-Left Banke-Left Banke Too (1969 USA)
Girls Alone-Free Design-Heaven/Earth (1969 USA)
The Machine That Cried-String Driven Thing-The Machine That Cried (1973 UK)
Who Do I Think I Am-Woods-Sun & Shade (2011 USA)

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