Monday, December 2, 2013

Stop The Siesta Time to Fiesta!

Hey-O another episode of Oracle in the and listen here:

Follow along with the play list below and enjoy.  Have yourself a groovy week and, don't forget you can always join me on Facebook for fun Oracle approved content.

Oracle 162

Set 1

What Is Love-The Collectors-S/T (1968 Canada)
Paisley-The Holydrug Couple-Noctuary (2013 Chile)
Butterfly-The Hollies-Butterfly (1967 UK)
Gloria-Hana & Petr Ulrychovi-13HP (1970 Czech Rep.)
House of Four Doors-The Moody Blues-In Search of The Lost Chord (1968 UK)

Set 2

Morning Sun-The Underground Youth-Single (2010 UK)
Hip Hip Hurray-The Snapshots-Single (1968 Belgium)
Never Trust Another Woman-The Smoke-Single (1968 New Zealand)
The Dream-Thee Oh Sees-Carrion Crawler/The Dream (2011 USA)
Stormy High-Black Mountain-In The Future (2008 Canada)
Intro-Dungen-Tio Bitar (2007 Sweden)
Always Maybe-The Black Angels-Indigo Meadow (2013 USA)

Set 3

So Let's Pinch-The Go-Fiesta (2013 USA)*
Song of The Autumn-The Higher State-Single (2010 USA)
Edie's Dream-Suuns-Images du Futur (2013 Canada)
Meridian-Espers-Espers III (2009 USA)
Where Are You-Sunforest-S/T (1969 UK)
Hey Joe-Hoa Hoa's-Pop, Drone, Pedals (2011 Canada)
Je ne Veaux Plus-Les Differents-S/T (1967 Canada)

*P.S The Go are from Detroit...wonder why it took me so long to find out about them?  For shame!

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