Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nut Gone Flake & Other Gems

Oracle 170

Set 1

Ogdens' Nut Flake-Small Faces-Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (1968 UK)
Jewel of Mine Eye-Temples-Single (2013 UK)
Phenomenal Cat-The Kinks-Are The Village Green Preservation Society (1968 UK)
Dust In The Sun-The High Dials-War of The Wakening Phantom (2005 Canada)
La Balsa-Los Gatos-Single (1967 Argentina)
Think of Love-Love Sculpture-Forms & Feelings (1969 UK)
Shape of Things To Come-Max Frost & The Troopers-Single (1968 USA)

Set 2

Wake Me When It's Over-The Black Hollies-Somewhere Between Here & Nowhere (2013 USA)
Outside-Sleepy Sun-Maui Tears (2014 USA)
1000 Dreams-Dead Meadow-Warble Womb (2013 USA)
Aquamarine Ink-Saffron Sect-Phosphorus Flash (2006 Canada)
Dive Into Yesterday-Kaleidoscope-Tangerine Dream (1967 UK)
The Flower Children-Marcia Strassman-Single (1967 USA)

Jacco Gardner-Cabinet of Curiosities

Set 3 (Album Feature)

Where Will You Go-Jacco Gardner-Cabinet of Curiosities (2013 Netherlands)
Clear The Air
The One Eyed King
Puppets Dangling
Help Me Out
Summers Game

Set 4

Permanent Green Light-Pangolin-Beneath These Darkened Trees (1999 USA)
Trip Inside This House-Magic Shoppe-Triangulum Australe EP (2012 USA)
Face In The Clouds-Family-Family Entertainment (1968 UK)
Free From The City-The Poppy Family-Which Way You Goin' Billy? (1970 Canada)
Apollo's Here-Spider 72-Seven (2012 UK)
Roll My Own-It's All Meat-S/T (1970 Canada)

Set 5

Wander-Tame Impala-S/T EP (2008 Australia)
Tomorrow Never Knows-Secret Colours-Single (2010 USA)
Obstacle Eyes-Morgan Delt-Psychic Death Hole (2014 USA)
Here I Am-Earth Mk II-Music For Mammals (2013 Netherlands)
Loving Sacred Loving-The End-Introspection (1969 UK)
Molto Alto-Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano-Dedicato A (1967 Italy)
Heavy Moon-Elephant Stone-S/T (2013 Canada)

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