Monday, January 30, 2012

The Music Heard 'round The World...

...was the soundtrack to a revolution!

Another week, another Oracle.  This one taking you to the far corners of the earth.  An Oracle specialty!  Missed out?  Download here:

Speaking of Global Psychedelic sure to check out the 2nd Annual Oracle Black History Month Special set to air on February 20th.  An entire show dedicated to the Psychedelic/Funk sounds from various parts of Africa.  Tune in, crank it up and turn on...

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Oracle 71

Song Title-Artist-Album (date, origin)

Set 1

I Tried To Picture Us-Orienteers-S/T (2012 Canada)
Cwm Hiraeth-Heather Jones-Degawdau Roc Comp. (1970's Wales)
Flying On The Ground-Summer Snow-Flying On The Ground is Wrong (1967 USA)
Hotel Incidental Music-Usha Khanna-Psych Funk Se Ra Ga (1970's India)
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand-The Who-Sell Out (1967 UK)
Jestem Do Przodu-Krzysztof Klenczon & Trzy Korony-Single (1970 Poland)
Yellow's Dream-Blue Mountain Eagle-S/T (1969 USA)

Set 2

Dies In 55-Trailer Trash Tracys-Ester (2012 UK)
Camera-R.E.M-Reckoning (1984 USA)
Apogitefsi-Bourboulia-Zontanoi Sto Kyttapo (1971 Greece)
Les Cactus-Jacques Dutronc-Single (1966 France)
Gbomei Adesai-Psychedelic Aliens-Psycho African Beat (1970 Ghana, Africa)
Increase In Wilderness-Les Rallizes Denudes-Double Heads (1980 Japan)

Set 3

Dogwood Rust-Comets on Fire-Avatar (2006 USA)
Stronhalm-Holderlin-Holderlins Traum (1972 Germany)
The Wall-The Fruit Machine-Single (1969 UK)
Bluebirds-The Wilderness of Manitoba-Hymns of Love & Spirits (2011 Canada)
Gilda-Musica Dispersa-S/T (1970 Spain)
Aria-5th Projekt-V (2012 Canada)
Hard Road-The Unquiet Dead-Single (2011 Canada)

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