Monday, January 9, 2012

Swirling Psychedelic Dreams

The second show of the new year has come and gone...time flies when you're having fun.  It was a great psychedelic trip today to mark the start of another semester of school.  Back to business folks!  Oracle is in the business of giving you positive vibes and a great kick start to your week.  Check out the track listing below and be sure to download the show here:

Oracle 68


Set 1

Former Reflections Enduring Doubt-The Red Krayola-Parable of Arable Land (1968 USA)
Yesterday Noontime-The Act of Creation-Single (1967 USA)
Ehoun Kakous Skopous-Exadaktylos-I Gennisi Tou Ellinikou Rock (1970-ish Greece)
Sharing-Satisfaction-S/T (1971 UK)
Wasting Time-The Hoa Hoa's-Pop, Drone, Pedals (2010 Canada)
I'm Set Free-The Velvet Underground-S/T (1969 USA)

Set 2

Under The Rainbow-The End-Introspection (1969 UK)
Rasket El Fadaa-Omar Khourshid-Rhythm of the Orient (1974 Egypt)
Burning Photographs-Chad VanGaalen-Diaper Island (2010 Canada)
Smile Awhile-Michael Yonkers-Microminature Love (rec. 1968, rel. 2003 Sub Pop USA)

Set 3

Missouri-49th Parallel-S/T (1969 Canada)
Our Love Was-The Who-Sell Out (1967 UK)
Don't Say No-Speed, Glue & Shinki-S/T (1971 Japan)
Haai-Panbers-Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesian Psych, Prog, Funk 1970-1978 (1970 Indonesia)
Gort Bort Sig-Dungen-Ta Det Lugnt (2005 Sweden)
Faulty Times-Black Mountain-S/T (2005 Canada)

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