Monday, April 23, 2012

Groovy "Moooo"nday!

Sending groovy vibes your way each and every Monday morning from 9-10:30 am on CJAM 99.1 fm.  This week marked the return of some old favourites and the addition of some obscure rarities.  Download the episode here:

Check out the play list below:

Oracle 83

Song Title-Artist-Album (date, origin)

Set 1

Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast-Pink Floyd-Atom Heart Mother (1970 UK)
To Have In The Home-Woods-Sun & Shade (2011 USA)
Wantin' Ain't Gettin'-Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar-S/T (1967 USA)
Mrs. Bean-The Essex Green-Everything Is Green (1999 USA)
Jumpin' Jack Flash-Alex Chilton-1970 (1996 USA)
My Best Friend-Jefferson Airplane-Surrealistic Pillow (1967 USA)

Set 2

Side I Am-Kensington Market-Aardvark (1969 CAN)
Actaeon's Fall (Against The Hounds)-Six Organs of Admittance-Luminous Night (2009 USA)
Gossamer Hair-Pearly Gate Music-S/T (2010 USA)
A Minha Menina-Os Mutantes-S/T (1968 Brazil)
She Looks Good-The Telepathic Butterflies-Breakfast In Suburbia (2008 CAN)
Trust-The Pretty Things-SF Sorrow (1968 UK)

Set 3

Shadows of Your Mind-The Plastic Cloud-S/T (1968 CAN)
Game-Majority One-Single (1970 USA)
Circles-Les Fleur de Lys-Reflections (1967 UK)
My Fear #2-Cloud Control-Bliss Release (2012 Australia)
Until The Poorest Have More Money To Spend-The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Vol. 3 A Child's Guide To Good and Evil (1968 USA)
Psychedelia-X'Lents-Psych Funk Se-Ra Ga! Compilation (1970 India)
She's Full of Tears-Rockfour-Supermarket (2000 Iran)
Fire-Yukon Blonde-Fire/Water EP (2011 CAN)

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