Monday, April 16, 2012

Psych Out!

Balmy days ahead and Oracle is at the ready to bring you all the vibes...good, twisted and trippy.  Forget your cares and keep the music going all week long.  Download this weeks show here:

Oracle 82

Song Title-Artist-Album (date, origin)

Set 1

Let It All Go-The Stevenson Ranch Davidians-Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs (2006 USA)
Out of Tune-Real Estate-Days (2012 USA)
The Caution Slumber-The Telepathic Butterflies-Breakfast In Suburbia (2008 CAN)
Topiel-Pieciu & Daniel Klosek-Single (Poland)
Fakin' It-Simon & Garfunkel-Bookends (1968 USA)
Magazine Lady-John Koerner & Willie Murphy-Single (1967 USA)
Eighteen Is Over The Hill-The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band-Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good And Evil (1968 USA)

Set 2

Garyfale Garyfale-Peloma Bokiou-Single (1970 Greece)
Open Eyes-Sleepy Sun-Fever (2010 USA)
Since K Got Over Me-The Clientelle-Strange Geometry (2005 USA)
We Could Be Flowers-The Spades-Let It Burn (2012 CAN)
Mita Mita-Le Orme-Ad Gloriam (1968 Italy)
Permanent Green Light-Godz-2 (1967 USA)

Set 3

Revolution-Tomorrow-S/T (1968 UK)
The Fat Angel-The Orange Alabaster Mushroom-A Gift From A Flower To A Garden: A Tribute To Donovan (CAN)
Take My Hand-Frost-S/T (1969 USA)
Mind Mountain-Weird Owl-Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed (2009 USA)
Anthem-The Mops-Psychedelic Sounds In Japan (1968 Japan)
Sol Och Regn-Dungen-Stadsvandringar (2002 Sweden)
Wandering Spirits-Chad VanGaalen-Diaper Island (2011 CAN)

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