Monday, June 25, 2012

Energy in the Air

Last week marked the beginning of the Summer of Love.  Tonight marks the beginning of Summer in the Windsor/Detroit area.  Each year throngs of people line both sides of the river to celebrate the respective birthdays of each country.  The night is punctuated by not only a stunning fireworks display but too much traffic.  Yikes.  Oracle started off the morning on a high note and you can see for yourself what tunes were featured.  Better yet, download the show and have a listen.  Cheers!!

Oracle 92

Set 1

Sixties-The Essex Green-Everything is Green (1999 USA)
Time M-The David-Another Day, Another Lifetime (1967 UK)
Jesenne Litanie-Prudy-Zvonky, Zvonte (1968 Czech Rep.)
Sing This Together (See What Happens)-Rolling Stones-Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967 UK)
Angry Young Man-Telepathic Butterflies-Songs From a Second Wave (2004 CAN)
Peace Officer-Morley Grey-The Only Truth (1972 USA)
Face In The Clouds-Family-Family Entertainment (1969 UK)

Set 2

Shadows of Lost Days-Flower Travellin' Band-Make Up (1973 Japan)
Free From The City-Poppy Family-Which Way You Goin' Billy? (1969 CAN)
The World Ends-The Black Mirrors-The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia (Nigeria)
Topiel-Pieciu & Daniel Klosek-Warszawski Rock & Roll Lat 60 (Poland)
The Ballad of Harvey Kaye-East of Eden-Single (1968 UK)

Set 3

Flashlight-The Amazing-Gentle Stream (2011 Sweden)
Take Me With You When You Go-Jack White-Blunderbuss (2012 USA)
Hijo del Sol Luminoso-Congreso-Congreso 1971-1982 (Chile)
Saigon Girls-The Family of Apostolic-S/T (1969 USA)
Regions of May-Pearls Before Swine-One Nation Underground (1967 USA)
Dream Catcher-The Wilderness of Manitoba-Hymns of Love & Spirits (2011 CAN)

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  1. Listening to your show right now--found it "by accident" surfing my internet radio. Wonderful!