Monday, October 29, 2012


Welcome to the haunted halls of Oracle...won't you sit a spell and listen?

Today on Oracle, I took a trip to a darker side.  Swirling psychedelic tunes that invoke the smells and sounds of Autumn.  Leaves crunching under your feet, the smell of smoke rising from a chimney, the chill that creeps up your arm when you pass a cemetery at night...

Tune in, turn on but don't look back...

Below is the complete play list for today's show.  Download here to listen again:

Oracle 110

Pop Pull Hair-Chico Magnetic Band-S/T (1971 France)
Fumo-Le Orme-Ad Gloriam (1969 Italy)
Lazerander Filchy-49th Parallel-S/T (1969 Canada)
Wicked Annabella-The Kinks-Are The Preservation Society (1968 UK)
Z Soboty Na/Niedziele-No To Co-W Mwrowanej Piwnicy (1971 Poland)
Careful With That Axe Eugene-Pink Floyd-Live At Pompeii (1972 UK)
House On The Hill-Beach House-S/T (2006 USA)

Watching The Shadows-Life On Earth!-A Space Water Loop (2009 Sweden)
Set Us Free-Black Mountain-S/T (2005 Canada)
The Mad Professor-John & Phillipa Cooper-Cooperville Times (1969 S. Africa)
Let's Make The Water Turn Black-Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention-We're Only In It For The Money (1967 USA)
Being Is More Than Life-Baby Grandmothers-S/T (1969 Sweden)

Sinister Purpose-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River (1969 USA)
Kanaan-Amon Duul II-Phallus Dei (1969 Germany)
Eh eh ah ah-Il Balletto Di Bronzo-Sirio 2222 (1970 Italy)
This Absence of Mine-Brent Randall & His Magnificent Pinecones-We Were Strangers in Paddington Green (2009 Canada)
Genese-Dickens-Royal Incarnation (1969 France)
Girl Help Me-The Zombies-Odessey & Oracle (1968 UK)
Horror Show-Butterflies & Zebras-S/T (2010 Canada)

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