Friday, October 26, 2012

CJAM rules the underground...

Oh, so soft...and stylish too...

Yes folks.  CJAM Pledge Drive 2012 is just around the corner.  Like in years past, CJAM is pulling out all the stops to bring you quality swag for your pledge dollars...

I happen to have the version of this that made it's début in 2009 and I must say, it's my very favourite to this day.  I've already put my pledge of $50 in.  What will you do?

CJAM Pledge drive runs from November 9-16th.  Show your love by doing the following:

  • Listen to CJAM everywhere you go.  That's right, you can stream us live at if you're out of listening range.
  • Tell all your friends!
  • Join CJAM Pledge Drive 2012 on Facebook and be the first to know about special features, pledge drive activities in and around Windsor/Detroit, and keep tabs on our progress.  Click here:
  • Pledge by calling in the station or donating online at:

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