Monday, March 18, 2013

Sign On My Mind...

Today's Oracle explored a softer side of psyche...there was more psych infused folk and sunshine pop in the bunch.  Here's hoping it was the just the right thing to ease your possible hangover...I swear it seemed everyone was out in full force at the bars last night.  Oracle was there to sooth your weary head.  Drape it in magical colours of beautiful music.  Oh yeah...that's the stuff.  Check out today's show by clicking here:

Check out the track listing below...

Oracle 129

Set 1

Sunshine & You-Arch of Triumph-Single (1969 USA)
The Paisley Window Pane-Wendy & Bonnie-Genesis (1969 USA)
Sign On My Mind-Dr. Strangely Strange-Heavy Petting (1970 UK)
Maanendam-The Unquiet Dead-Tales of the Unquiet Dead Book One (2012 Canada)
Lit Eg Born Ad Leika Ser-Trubrot-S/T (1969 Iceland)
In a Rainbow-Sweetwater-S/T (1969 USA)

Set 2

The Machine That Cried-String Driven Thing-The Machine That Cried (1973 UK)
Lipsill-Dungen-Ta Det Lugnt (2005 Sweden)
Mesafeler-Erkin Koray-S/T (1969 Turkey)
Aska Inanmiyorum-Erkin Koray-S/T (1969 Turkey)
Nobody-J.K & Co.-Suddenly One Summer (1969 Canada)
Look, Here Comes The Sun-The Sunshine Company-S/T (1968 USA)

Set 3

Psychedelic-Johnny Hallyday-Single (1969 France)
Requiem of Confusion-Shinki Chen-S/T (1970 Japan)
Doves-Black Angels-Directions To See a Ghost (2008 USA)
Speak Your Mind-The Works-S/T (2005 Sweden)
Astral Plane-Influenza-S/T (1970 Netherlands)
The Aural Sea/Southern Winds-The Wilderness of Manitoba-Island of Echoes (2013 Canada)

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